Single-source accountability


Design-build, single-source accountability for commercial design.

At Paragon Fabrication, we are changing the way spaces come together. We make it easier to turn a white box into a finished space by providing single-source accountability from design, fabrication to installation. We can take care of everything from custom built furniture, wall treatments, hero pieces, wall dividers, scenic, audio, video, lighting and acoustical treatments. Whether you have a finished space design or you need help concepting the design, we can meet you where you are at at bring your vision to life.


We start with a collaborative meeting to dive deep into your vision, mission and objectives. This helps us concept a space to inspire connection and communication with your audience or more fully understand the vision of the space you've designed.


In the design phase, we assess photometrics, acoustics, room design, sightlines and spatial design. Room models are created for study and detailed, animated renderings produced to cast vision for the space.

Fabrication & Assembly

Next, our group of dedicated artisans including designers, consultants, technicians, fabricators, and engineers begin the building process of bringing the designs to life. Our design-build model delivers holistically designed systems, flexibility, cost savings and greater coordination. In the install and assembly phase after fabrication is complete, we begin the build out. Because all of the components are built offsite, this phase creates time and cost efficiencies in installation, with 100% accountability.